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What Inspired RUN?


Watching the murder of George Floyd and first hand experiencing the post-traumatic stress that so many of us have encountered indirectly by witnessing countless brothers and sisters get killed and treated inhumanely by government officials. Officials who have taken oaths to protect us. My frustrations with the terrorism that happens within our own communities also inspired RUN. People are no longer placing value on life. I  am not an elected official, but I  am an artist and I  can use my art to inspire change and take a stand.  


I  do accept that RUN is not a film that is for everyone. But I  am encouraged by those who will receive the message that hope starts with us. 

       ~ LaTrice Amanda 

    Writer & Director of RUN 

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Director Statement


Run comes at a time when we are all feeling deprived of justice. A time in which there is much turmoil and uncertainty. As an artist, I process emotions through my art. The death of George Floyd was a type of tipping point for me, the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. We have witnessed so much pain and anguish in our communities, this pain can almost always be traced back to some sort of systematic and institutionalized racism.


 To me, Run is a call for action. My ultimate hope is that we as a people can come together around this topic and have some real conversations.

 ~ Dante Parker 


Cinematographer & Director of RUN

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